General Election 8th of June

19 April 2017

VOTE 4TH OF MAY-Local Council Elections

19 April 2017

Vote for your Green County Councillors this 4th of May

Greens pull together to raise £5000 to stand Mayoral Candidate Julie Howell

17 March 2017

What did the ‘Teletubbies ever do for us?’

27 February 2017

2017 marks the 20th anniversary-can you believe it :P since the Teletubbies first graced our screens with their multi coloured personalities and multi dimensional language. 1997 saw them emerge onto our TV screens, entertaining and educating audiences across the land, with a strong 'green environmental' message. Who could forget the golden wind energy produced by the famous Wind Turbine among the rabbit inhabited 'Tubby Hills'? In the two decades since, how well have we done with our environmental management, what have been our collective achievements and our collective failures? Are we taking the most 'optimal' approach to environmental management in East Cambs now and if not, how can we change this?

The Disproportionate Election Result -that People Didn't Need

12 May 2015

Examining the results from the 2015 East Cambridgeshire District Council (E.C.D.C) Elections

Council's housing plan will fail to tackle affordability crisis

26 April 2015

A Walk in the Fens

24 April 2015

In support of Colby's one-man HSBC protest

26 March 2015

East Cambs Greens social care pledge

09 March 2015

The Green Party has unveiled plans for a new approach to social care, including a pledge of universal free social care for over 65s.

Church Hustings Kick-starts South East Cambs Election Campaign

11 February 2015

The first hustings of the general election campaign got off to a roaring start on Saturday 7th in Swaffham Bulbeck Church when all five candidates, now the 'famous five' according to the Ely Standard ;) from UKIP, Conservative, Lib Dem, Labour and our very own Green- Clive Semmens- debated in front of a packed audience assembled in the church to hear their views on various issues from affordable housing to social care.


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