Church Hustings in Swaffham Bulbeck Kick-starts South East Cambs Election Campaign

11 February 2015

Last Saturday 7th of February, the general election campaign for South East Cambs got off to a roaring start within the church of Swaffham Bulbeck when all five candidates, now dubbed the 'famous five' according to the Ely Standard, from the political parties standing; UKIP- represented by Deborah Rennie, Conservatives- Luzy Frazer, Lib Dems- Jonathan Chatfield, Labour-Huw Jones and of course the Greens- represented by our very own Clive Semmens, gathered to persuade all of us why they should become the next MP for our constituency. 

The famous five of 2015 began with opening speeches, setting out their political platforms and perspectives, of which Clive performance was both genuine and convincing among his colleagues. This was followed by a series of questions posed to each candidate which were thought up before the hustings and then read out by the Chair; a very capbable Ian Woodroffe.

The packed audience, sitting on the old wooden pues of the church was an uplifting sight, althought the lack of a few more younger people was slightly disapointing, though not unsurprising. Nonetheless, the turnout was very pleasing and it was a brilliant official start to the campgian for hearts and minds in south east cambs this 2015 cycle.


Of course, as a Green member, the Green party came out best from my perspective, having attented the hustings but the other party candidates made many insightful and honest comments on the various issues discussed. Overally, the was a sense that on the issue of the NHS, the parties should join forces and not use this singly most important subject as a political tennis ball, which I think gladdended many people attending. 

For a more in depth analysis, head to the Ely Standard's newspaper website, where you can see the days proceedings in full colour photography and comments made by each candidate on the various issues of the day.  





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