Why we support Colby Smith's one-man protest against HSBC and tax avoidance

26 March 2015

On Saturday, Colby Smith staged a one-man protest in the Ely Branch of HSBC.

Colby, who is standing for the Green Party at May's district council elections, was part of UK Uncut's demonstrations against the bank, who have actively supported some of the country's wealthiest people in tax avoidance, evasion and money laundering through Swiss bank accounts.

We are not dealing with trifling amounts here. UK Uncut report that there are 7000 British citizens involved in HSBC's schemes, holding over $20bn in Swiss accounts.

It's clear that HSBC has been helping some very wealthy people to avoid paying tax on their huge incomes. Disgracefully, George Osborne has said it isn't his job to do anything about it.

Meanwhile his ideological programme of austerity is viciously cutting back public services and dismantling the welfare state.

The result has been local authorities like East Cambs seeing their budgets axed back, vital services like buses being lost and a million people across the country regularly using food banks.

Greens have been pushing hard in the European Parliament for a full inquiry into the tax avoidance scandal but unfortunately, despite the rhetoric from both Tories and Labour on the issue, they have refused to back such a move.

That's why the Green Party has pledged its support for Tax Dodging Bill. This calls for new rules to make the UK tax regime more transparent and tougher on tax dodging. we would also crack down heavily on tax havens and other methods of tax evasion.

You pay your fair share. It's only right that others should, too.

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