Council's housing plan will fail to tackle affordability crisis

26 April 2015

District Council plans for 13,000 new houses will do nothing to tackle East Cambridgeshire's unaffordable house prices and benefit mainly landowners and developers, according to East Cambridgeshire Green Party.

East Cambs Greens have criticised housing plans which were signed off by outgoing District councillors in their final meeting on 21 April.

Andy Cogan, East Cambs Green Party co-ordinator and candidate in Ely West ward (who attended the council meeting), said:

"East Cambridgeshire is becoming an unaffordable place even for people on average incomes. The district council is planning a lot of new houses, but very few will be 'affordable' and those that are will be at market rents. The only people who'll benefit will be large landowners, property developers and rich London 'buy to let' investors."

"East Cambridgeshire is becoming a place of haves and have nots.For the young, the old and those on lower incomes this is an unfriendly plan that will cost them dear. It means children will not be able to live near their families or in the communities where they were brought up. This plan will have profound negative consequences for families and the community overall."

In its local election manifesto for East Cambridgeshire, the Green Party has pledged to expand the social rented sector, bring empty homes back into use and require developers to build more affordable houses as part of new developments.


1. The Local Plan for East Cambridgeshire, which manages growth and development in the district for the next 15 years was adopted by the Council on 21 April.

2. The Local Plan was signed off by all Conservative and Liberal Democrat members of the the council with only 1 councillor voting against. Signing off the Local Plan is the last act of outgoing Conservative and Liberal Democrat councillors. Among the measures in the plan are plans for 13,000 new houses, most to the north of Ely.

3. According Land Registry figures, average house prices in Cambridgeshire have risen nearly £45,000 in the last two years.

4. East Cambridgeshire Green Party's local election manifesto can be read here.

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