Local Elections 4th of May

19 April 2017

 4th of May

You have the opportunity to vote for the first green party county councilllors Andy Cogan and Floramay Waterhouse this 4th of May. Angry about fair wages, healthcare, education, transport, housing? We can change this just by getting two county councillors elected, that's all it takes!

You have the voice. You have the power.

Let's use our voice,  together we can achieve change!  

Check your polling cards to know the location of your polling stations, if you cannot find them, ring up east cambs district council who'll be able to tell you where they are.

Contact them on: 01353 665555

Find out more here: http://www4.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/info/20198/elections_2017

Here are your Green Candidates:



Soham South and Haddenham; including Wicken, Upware, Stretham, Little Thetford, Wilburton and Earith 


Andy Cogan has worked and lived in East Cambs since 2000.

He is chairman of Reboot Cambridge, an ICT recycling, and ICT recycling training, Social Enterprise, that has recycled nearly 300 tons of ICT over the past 10 years. Each ton of ICT recycled saves the planet: 1 ton of CO2; 4 tons of fuel; 6 tons of quarrying; 8 tons of fresh water.

Cambridgeshire needs to do its part to secure a greener future for our children and grandchildren. Let's GO GREEN !

He is a former CEO of a regional charity. He was a Labour Councillor in the 1980s when Mrs Thatcher was dividing and devastating communities some of which have never recovered in terms of jobs and futures.

"Let's make Cambridgeshire a better place to live, to work in and to visit ..." Andy Cogan




Burwell, Swaffham Prior, Chippenham, Snailwell, Reach, Fordham, Kennett 


I moved to Burwell in 1987, and am an English and special needs tutor.

Watching my four year old daughter each day reminds me that if I cannot put my hand on my heart and say that I did everything possible to secure her future, then I will have failed her. This is why I am standing for local government - because locally and nationally, decision-makers are failing our children and young people - and a great many others besides.

If my daughter could vote, she would want to know that:

  • our green spaces, our environment, our wildlife and our planets were being taken care of properly
  • children and young people were being given the proper care and support to enable them to achieve their full potential
  • The gap between rich and poor was getting smaller rather than larger

I passionately believe that local government must stand for the many, not just the few. If, like me, you believe in the politics of hope rather than fear, then please give me your vote on 4th of May.


Download the East Cambs Green Party leaflet


“Promoted by Elaine Ewart on behalf of Andy Cogan, FloraMay Waterhouse and East Cambridgeshire Green Party all at 58 Abbots Way, Ely CB6 3AJ"







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