We have a team of officers and committee members who run the local party and coordinate our activities.

Coordinator - Andy Cogan

Andy is coordinator of East Cambridgeshire Green Party. His work experience includes 14 years as Chief Executive of a regional charity and he is currently chair of a local social enterprise. Andy is passionate about social justice, economic fairness, and greener living.


Secretary - Andrew Cohen

 Andrew is East Cambs Greens secretary. He is an engineer and self-builder, with a particular interest in sustainable construction, wood recycling, and social welfare. Andrew is a member of the Green Party because it is the only party sincerely putting people before profit


Treasurer -Anthony Browne

Anthony is East Cambs Green Treasurer. He works as a sustainability manager for a major company. He has been involved in environmental and corporate social responsibility matters for over 18 years, focusing on waste management, sustainable transport, energy conservation and resource efficiency. Previously, Anthony was a member of the Armed Forces and has served in Europe and on United Nations peacekeeping duties.