ANDY COGAN has lived, worked and volunteered in the Ely and East Cambs constituency for 25 years. He is a widower, he has a son who lives and works in the constituency.. His wife Penny and daughter Kitty both died in 2010. He is a British man, born in a Glasgow tenement, brought up in a Bishop’s Stortford council house, educated at Cambridge University and elsewhere he has 3 degrees and teaching, management and marketing qualifications. He spent over 20 years as a lecturer and college manager. From 1999 to 2013 he ran COVER, a regional charity that did EU funded regional projects to boost the skills & employment of people furthest from the labour market. He chaired Reboot Cambridge Community Interest Company for some 12 years that processed almost 300 tons of Computer ICT equipment for reuse and recycling which now has a home inside Emmaus, the homeless charity based in Landbeach. He’s currently a volunteer facilitator at a monthly dementia sufferers cafe.He’s also spent time as a district councillor, was chairman of public service and personnel committees, was a council representative on a regional health authority, and was a lecturer’s union branch secretary. And he is an active member of Newmarket and Ely U3As, Universities of the Third Age.

CAMPAIGN NOVELTY: ANDY & FELLOW GREEN party members will be visiting each and every hamlet, village and town in the constituency. We will listen to people and what they want over the coming decade for themselves, their families their community of place and interest, and what they want more of, and less of by way of community facilities for living, for working, for resting, for play. And as a legacy of the campaign Andy has drafted a limerick about each hamlet, village and town that will appear in print and in and on local social media as the visits accumulate..

ANDY COGAN SAYS:’It is a great honour to be chosen as the Ely & East Cambs Constituency Green party candidate.As your MP I will raise your issues in parliament. I will support measures that give local communities power to say no to inappropriate developments that don’t address local needs, wants and aspirations. I will campaign to improve our public services, and to reduce the widening wealth gap between rich & poor, between young & old. I will campaign to repatriate our wealth that foreign interests who own utilities, such as Anglia Water, through privatisation and deregulation, are sucking out of Britain. I will campaign to restore our public realm and infrastructure. Together we can make Ely & East Cambs a fairer, greener and better place for us to live and work, to learn and earn, to rest and play.

I say to Tories, Lib Dems and Labourites ’If you are unhappy with your party, if you are unhappy with the mainstream alternatives that offer nothing different, then lend us GREENS your vote.

We come before you not to extend the failures of privatisation & deregulation but to end them.’


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