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East Cambridgeshire Greens campaign on issues directly relating to the region, as well as promoting national Green Party policies.

Ely High Street

Do you want a more vibrant town centre? We're exploring ways to revitalise Ely's high street, making it more attractive to both residents and visitors. We've found:

  • Ely city centre has fewer independent shops and more chains than other places looked at in the study. It is also dominated by a narrow range of shops with homewares, health and beauty and clothes making up nearly 40 per cent of shops
  • East Cambridgeshire district council has cut the amount it spends on promoting Ely and invests less than similar towns in the study
  • Council plans to allow new out-of-town and edge-of-town development could undermine Ely high street, and risk leaving it hollowed out

It's clear Ely high street needs much better support. We've set out proposals for breathing new life into Ely city centre. Read our report here.

Local Transport Links

We need more reliable and affordable public transport to connect Ely with the surrounding towns and villages. Useful services such as park and ride and Dial-a-Ride have recently been cut or threatened.

Unlike some politicians, we know building more roads isn't the only answer. The Green Party wants a web of local bus routes, train links and cycle lanes, providing clean, sustainable transport for our communities.


Bring railways back into public hands

A new era of public ownership of the railways could save the Treasury more than £1bn a year and deliver improved services and lower rail fares for passengers.

The Green Party is fighting for England’s fragmented railway system to be gradually brought back into public hands as franchises expire or companies break the terms of their franchise agreement.

Rail bosses could earn more than £10m in bonuses over the next three years and 65% of Britain's rail operators are owned by overseas companies, with 60% owned by European state rail arms. It's time for change.

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